the wolf | spilled ink


photo by Jamari Fox

these bones are diseased;
like a ravaged dog,
setting its sights on its saving grace.

let me undo you;
unmake you with this sickness,
and confuse you with small granules of clarity.

teeth, like a daggers edge,
rip into the flesh of my precious muscle
i let you claim as yours, now & forever more.

my heart,
i say, my heart bleeds no more,

for you have licked the blood 
off my corpse and walked away to find your new muse et la proie.

these bones you left
bent and broken,
are no longer holding up the meat you so readily consumed in the climax of your hunger.

alas, i tell it true,
the wolf i loved,
with more vigour & passion than my soul could fathom,
has eaten me alive.


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